Turnitin: Frequently Asked Questions

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General Turnitin Assignments FAQs

I’ve been asked for a Turnitin password

This is a glitch that happens with some browsers so try a different one – Chrome is the recommended browser and works best.

How do I attach a green sticker?

Copy and Paste your green sticker supplied by student Services into your Paper at the start of your work.  This will show in the Turnitin Feedback studio to your marker whether in anonymous or named attempts.

How do I zoom in and out?

Two ways to do this:

  • Click on ‘print’ it brings up a view of the whole document as opposed to just a zoomed-in view.
  • You can zoom in and out of the student view using ctrl+ and ctrl-.  This also reduces the size of the comment pane, so this needs to be resized again to write the feedback, but you can zoom in out and use the scroll bars to frame areas.

Turnitin PeerMark Assignment Related Questions

Most Turnitin submissions will be using the Turnitin Paper Assignment. Here you submit one document for marking and feedback by your course instructor. Some Assignments will be followed by a PeerMark review stage where you assess your co-students’ work. See our Guide: Completing A Peermark Review for details.

I can only see one set of feedback

When you open the first set of feedback, you can move to the next by clicking the very small arrow (<>) at the top right of the screen

BB crashed when I was writing a review and I can’t get back in

You should be able to go back in and complete the review by selecting ‘write review’.

The work I’m supposed to be reviewing isn’t there.

Some Peermark reviews are randomly allocated, some specifically named. It might be that some are given within a group of students.

If you are given named students Some students may not have submitted a poster or may submit late. If you are late, it may be necessary to email the student reviewers to let them know.