Turnitin LTI: Has my submission been successful?

This guide relates to Turnitin LTI assignment tool assignments.

Saving your Submission Receipt

Once your submission is complete, you will be taken to the submission screen where a green banner will display.

Your Digital Receipt will NOT be emailed to you.

  • Digital Receipt link appears on the green success banner (1). Download immediately and save to your University One Drive.

Download Digital Reciept from upload sucess banner and from submission point

  • Digital Receipt link (2) is available via the submission point at any time after submission.

Viewing your Submission Receipt

Your digital receipt will download as a PDF file.

The receipt is proof of your submission. It contains all the information needed confirm what was submitted and when, as well as a Submission ID which used by staff to find your paper if the need arises.

Showing an example of a digital receipt


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