Turnitin LTI: Has my submission been successful?

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This guide relates to Turnitin LTI assignment tool assignments.

The new version of Turnitin will be used on all Blackboard courses for 2022/23.  For help with the original version of Turnitin please see How to submit a Turnitin Assignment.


Saving your Submission Receipt

Once your submission is complete, you will be taken to the submission screen where a green banner will display.

Your Digital Receipt will NOT be emailed to you.

  • Digital Receipt link appears on the green success banner (1). Download immediately and save to your University One Drive.

Download Digital Reciept from upload sucess banner and from submission point

  • Digital Receipt link (2) is available via the submission point at any time after submission.

Viewing your Submission Receipt

Your digital receipt will download as a PDF file.

The receipt is proof of your submission. It contains all the information needed confirm what was submitted and when, as well as a Submission ID which used by staff to find your paper if the need arises.

Showing an example of a digital receipt