Turnitin LTI: How to submit to Turnitin

This guide relates to the new Turnitin assignment tool.

The new version – Turnitin LTI – is being used

  • for all assignments due 1st August or later – including coursework resubmissions and resit exams
  • on all Blackboard courses for 2022/23

Submitting to the original version of Turnitin? see our Turnitin help guides

The way you submit to Turnitin has changed.  The process is broadly similar to the way you may have submitted in the past, but with a different look and a few differences in functionality.

Be sure the file you are submitting in your submission will be accepted by Turnitin. Please visit “Turnitin File Requirements” guide for details.

Submit your Assignment

In the Assessment or Assignment Submission area of your module go to the assignment and click on the Assignment Title

Highlighting the Assignment title selction

The submission page will normally open in a new browser tab.

Click on the assignment title or the down arrow to expand the Assignment Information section.

Screenshot of the expanded Information section for a Turnitin assignment

Information displayed on this screen:

Important note: Turnitin display assignment Start/Due/Feedback Release Dates according to the Time Zone configured on a student’s computer. If your computer is configured to a Time zone other than UK, the Date and Time displayed under assignment information section will be UTC equivalent to its UK Time. To avoid any inconvenience, please ensure your computer clock is set to correct Time zone.

  1. Start Date – when the assignment became available.
  2. Due Date – the date and time before which the assignment should be submitted.
  3. Feedback Release Date – when you will be able to view your Mark and Feedback.
  4. Grademark rubric – if a Turnitin rubric is being used to assess your work you can view this here, to help ensure that your submission will meet the criteria.
  5. Additional settings
    – When a Similarity Report will be generated
    – Whether you are allowed to resubmit up until the due date
    – Whether late submissions after the due date are allowed.

Once you have checked these you can upload your work.

Click on the blue button Upload Submission.

Showing the Blue Upload submission button

File Upload

For the vast majority of submissions you will use the default File Upload option.

In most cases you should upload a Word, PDF or PowerPoint file for you assignment – but please make sure you have followed any instructions issued by your lecturers.

Steps one to three of uploading to file submission

  1. Submission Title
    If you have been given instructions about what title you should use (for instance student number and assignment name) please enter this here. Otherwise you can leave this field blank – the submission title will then become the filename of the file you upload.
  2. Choose File
    Click on this button to browse for the file you wish to upload.
    Alternatively, simply drag and drop the file from your computer.
  3. Upload and Review
    Click here when you are ready to upload the file.

Your submission is not complete when you upload the file – you still need to press Submit to Turnitin on the next screen.

Other Options

Text Input

This will not normally be appropriate, but you can choose to type (or paste) your submission directly into Turnitin.

text Input option

Cloud Submission

If you do not have the file on your local device, you can submit direct from

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • MS OneDrive (either your personal OneDrive account, or your University of Reading OneDrive).

Cloud Submission Options

The first time you upload from the Cloud you will need to give Turnitin permission to access your files. You can remove these permissions later if you wish – for OneDrive go to https://myapps.microsoft.com

Review your upload and complete the submission

Once you have uploaded you assignment, you are shown a preview of the file. This allows to check that you are uploading the correct file, and that there are no formatting issues, before completing the submission.

review Paper

To complete the upload, Click Submit to Turnitin.

You will be shown and Submission Complete confirmation message in the submission box.

Submission Complete Confirmation


Submission Receipt

When your paper has been successfully submitted this success message will appear with a link to Download Digital Receipt.

submission success message with Download Digital Receipt link

Turnitin Submission Receipts will no longer be emailed to students.

You should always download a copy of the Digital Receipt from this screen straight after submission, and save it to your University One Drive.

You can return to the submission point at any time and download a further copy of the receipt – click on the Download Receipt on the far right of the screen.

For full details see our guide Turnitin LTI: Has my submission been successful?


How to Resubmit to an Assignment

The assignment details will inform you whether you resubmission are allowed for this specific assignment or not.

Resubmissions are only allowed before the deadline.

Turnitin LTI assignment information for students - resubmission is allowed.


If resubmissions are allowed and you wish to upload a new version of your paper, you can do this by going back to the assignment dashboard, via the assignment title.

Showing the assignment dashboard with an assignment uploaded to it

You can then use the Resubmit Paper icon to upload a new version of your file.

Showing the resubmit button, and similarity warning message

Before uploading a new file you will be warned that after three uploads a similarity report will not generate immediately but take 24 hours to generate. Please bear this in mind when submitting to your assignment, as later versions might not generate a report before the assignment deadline.

Click Confirm to acknowledge this message.

Follow the File Submission procedure above to resubmit a new paper. This will over-write the previous version of the file, which cannot be reinstated.

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