Turnitin LTI: Finding your Marks and Feedback

This guide relates to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

The new version of Turnitin will be used

  • for all assignments due 1st August or later – including coursework resubmissions and resit exams
  • on all Blackboard courses for 2022/23

For help locating marks and feedback on assignments submitted to the original version of Turnitin please see View marks and feedback for Turnitin assignments from previous academic years


Access your Marks and Feedback via the Turnitin Submission Point

Go to the Assessment area of your course and click the title of the Assignment.

Click on relevant assignment in assessment area

This will open the Assignment Dashboard

In the Assignment Dashboard click on the assignment title, Grade or on the Similarity percentage.

Showing where to open the paper

This will open your marked work in the Feedback Studio.


Access your Marks and Feedback via My Marks and Feedback

Go to My Marks and Feedback in the Blackboard course for your Module, or Marks in the main Blackboard navigation.

Click on the assignment you wish to open.

Click the assignment in My Marks and Feedback in module

This will open the Assignment Dashboard as shown above – click on the assignment title, Grade or on the Similarity percentage to open your marked work in the Feedback Studio.



How to view feedback in the Turnitin Feedback Studio

Can’t see your feedback? Click on the Instructor Feedback Layer button to make your feedback appear.

Click the Feedback Summary button (looks like a speech bubble) to open the feedback panel to reveal any general comments. They are highlighted in blue when selected.



View of feedback studio annotated with features and feedback tools

Layout of the Turnitin Feedback Studio


The Instructor Feedback panel

1. Click on the speech bubble icon in the right-hand menu to open the ‘Instructor Feedback’ panel.

If a Rubric or Grading Form was used to provide feedback on your work, click on the View Rubric button.

Text Comment button highlighted with general feedback open

2. If a Voice Comment has been left, click the Play button to listen to audio feedback from your lecturer.

3. The Text Comment area provides a space for a summary of your assignment as a whole.



The Rubric scorecard shows the assessment criteria used to mark your assignment. You can use this to see how you were marked on each of the criteria used.

Completed rubric form

Comments inserted in the text of your paper may be linked to one of the Rubric criteria.

Composite image of a rubic associated comment

Download your marked paper

You can download a copy of your marked paper to keep on your computer or print out along with any feedback and comments made.

Make sure you have enabled the Grading and Similarity Layers – meaning you can see the similarity report and QuickMarks on the paper in the window.

Click on the Download button on the toolbar.

Comments area in feedback studio, download button highlighted


Click on Current View from the menu that appears.

Download options, current view highlighted

A PDF copy of your assignment – with feedback comments – will be downloaded to your computer. When viewing the PDF, feedback is listed at the end of the document.

If you want to download a copy of the work you submitted – without any marks or feedback – choose ‘Originally Submitted File’.

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