Turnitin: View marks and feedback

When are my marks and feedback made available?

Your marks and feedback only becomes available on a set date and time – referred to in Turnitin as the Post Date. For assignments, this is usually 15 working days after the submission deadline.

Remember: All grades provided to you in Blackboard are provisional and have not been ratified. This means that they can be subject to change.

How can I access my marks and feedback?

Guide: Finding your marks and feedback through Blackboard.

This guide shows the different ways that you can use to access your marks and feedback within Blackboard.

  • We recommend using either the My Grades link in each of the courses or clicking on the View / Complete link where you originally submitted your assignment.
  • Remember: Even if you have submitted your work using a Turnitin assignment submission point, your mark and / or feedback may not be returned to you using Turnitin. If in doubt, please check with your lecturer.

image showing the my grades option in the course menu and a turnitin assignment in the view

  • Some Turnitin assignments may be marked online by your tutor but feedback is provided separately as an attached file . This can only be accessed by going to My Grades, click the assignment title to open the Review Assignment page. Look under Feedback From Instructor to find an attached file.

How to view my feedback and use the Feedback Studio in Turnitin

Can’t see your feedback! Remember to click on the Instructor Feedback Layer button to make your feedback appear. Click the Feedback Summary button (looks like a speech bubble) to open the feedback panel to reveal any general comments. They are highlighted in blue when selected.


Guide: How to view your online feedback in Turnitin

This guide describes how to:

  • Find your feedback if it has been entered online in Turnitin.
  • Use the Feedback Studio to see different types of feedback that may be provided on your work. (These can include: annotations on your paper, general comments, voice comments and marking against criteria using a rubric.)
  • Download your marked paper.