Blackboard Assignment: Mark a Group Assignment

Access the Assignment submission

Access the Group assignment submissions in your course, through Control Panel > Grade Centre.

See the guide on accessing and viewing Blackboard assignments for tips on managing access to assignments whilst marking.

Entering Feedback & Grades

When marking a group assignment you have the same options for entering general feedback and an overall grade.

Click on the ‘show/hide grading panel’ arrow, or inside the Attempt Grade box to reveal the ‘Grading panel’.

Reveal Grading Panel

To give all members of the group the same mark enter a mark in the light blue Attempt Grade field.


Important information!

When marking a group assignment you have an additional option to give different grades to each member of the group. 

To give each member of the group a different grade: at the bottom of the feedback panel you will see the names of the GROUP MEMBERS and have the option to enter an individual grade for each person.

Apply Individual Grading Panel

Click the ‘Override/Revert’ pen icon beside a group members name to enter a revised grade.

Click the Save green tick to complete the entry.

Save a revised Grade by clicking 'Save'

You will see a message:

‘Success: Override grade saved.’

A different grade is then displayed for that group member, from the one entered for the assignment as a whole.

Override Grade Success Message

What if I’m marking anonymously?

If your assignment was set up as anonymous, you will not be able to enter individual marks and the option to edit the grades will simply be unavailable.

Individual grades can be entered once anonymity has been lifted.

Anonymous marking: individual mark view unavailable.