Blackboard: Uploading and embedding audio files into your Blackboard course


This guide shows you how to upload and embed MP3 audio files  in your course, so that the content can be accessed by students in any Internet browser, and on any device.

To ensure that your files play correctly you will need to ensure that they are in the MP3 file format.

If your files are in a different format e.g. WMA then you should be able to convert them to MP3 using popular media players such as iTunes and VLC Player (accessible via

See our guide on audio and video file formats for more information.

Upload your files

In your Blackboard courses, go into the content area where you want your files to reside. There are two options you can use to make your audio file available.

1. Create Item and embed the audio

Helpful tip!
The main advantage of this method is that it allows you to add accompanying text before or after the audio file

Item with embedded MP3 file

Click on Build Content > Item.

Build Content Menu, Create Item selected.

On the Create Item page, enter a title.

If you only see one row of the editing toolbar, click here to expand it to three rows.

Editing toolbar double chevron on the left of the screen

Click on the Insert Media icon.

Insert Media icon selected

A new, smaller window opens.

From the drop-down list, select HTML5 Audio.

Type drop down menu, selecting HTML5 Video

Then Browse to locate your file.

Helpful tip!
If you simply Browse for the file, Blackboard should recognise the filetype of the file you are uploading, and change the Type field accordingly.


General tab, with URL inserted and Audio player bar shown

Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab if you wish to select options such as Autoplay and Loop.

Otherwise, simply press Insert.


The audio file will display as shown in the editing screen.

You can click on the ‘Preview’ icon to see how it will display to students.

Showing the preview icon in the Blackboard content editor

You can of course add text before or after the audio file, and attach a transcript of the audio.

Press Submit when done.

The file will then display as shown. Students will be able to click on the Play button and play the file directly within the browser.

Item with embedded MP3 file


2. Create Audio

Click on Build Content > Audio.

Build Content - Audio

Provide a title, then Browse to locate the audio file.

Choose the options you want. Notice that you can attach a transcript of the audio file.

audio file options

When done, press Submit.

The file displays to students as shown below.

Audio file