Campus Pack: Set up a Wiki

Caution!We do not expect to licence the Campus Pack tools beyond the 2020/21 academic year. Please contact us via the Service Desk for advice on alternative solutions.


The Campus Pack Wiki provides a collaborative space where multiple authors can create and contribute to one or more web pages that are linked together. Building a Campus Pack Wiki is similar to making a website, and can be used in group projects.

The instructor creates the wiki for one or more students, who can edit the pages adding text, pictures, files, links, and embedded audio and video. Tutors and other students (if given access as viewers) can see the wiki and leave comments or feedback. For marking purposes, the instructor can mark the wiki as one piece of work or evaluate each student’s work separately by reviewing individual contributions.

How to set up the wiki

  1. In the course area you wish to have your wiki, click on Tools and Campus Pack Wiki.

A view of an empty content area with step one - viewing the drop down tools menu and Campus pack wiki

2. The campus pack plug in will load and you will be take to the wiki information page. Enter the title of the wiki and the description of the activity you wish to give to students.

Entering a title and information in the course Wiki, step two

3. Depending on the number of students and the type of activity you’re considering the wiki for, you may choose one of the following setting options:

  • Single copy – is a course wiki, which every student can see and contribute to
  • One per group – creates a wiki for each group of students to work on, which is useful for collaborative group work. Groups should be set up in the Blackboard course beforehand using the Groups tool. You can create an assignment template to pre-populate this wiki.
  • One per person – creates a separate, individual wiki for each student on the course to work on. This is useful if each student is working independently on a piece of coursework that requires creating a site or a series of pages. This type of wiki is private by default, but viewers can be added under Permissions. You choose this option once when you create the wiki, and all the wikis are created at the same time. You can also create an assignment template to pre-populate this wiki.

Showing the wiki set up page, steps three to five.

4. Tick the box if you wish to add a Grade Center column; you can choose the title and point value you wish to give any assignment.  You can also chose if you will display the grades to students.

5. Click Add and this will create the wiki.


What does it look like

When the new wiki is created you will receive this message. Click New Page.

Warning message

The new page can be given a title and some text. Click Save when you have finished adding text

A view of the campus pack text editor with text being entered

Course members can access the Wiki through the course area and the Campus Pack link.

A view of the Campus Pack Wiki link in a Blackboard Course area.

Here they can click Edit to alter the existing material and add more content to the piece.  Once they have finished editing, again click Save.

The edit button on the top right of the Wiki page

Statistics and input can also be viewed here.