Blackboard Assignment: Handling multiple markers

Ideas for managing the allocation of individual markers and double marking:


This guide suggests ways in which the allocation of marking can be managed when there are multiple markers, either for the same Blackboard assignment or for different Blackboard group assignments.

These suggestions are applicable in instances where there are, for example, large cohorts of students, different assignment questions being marked by different staff or particular group assignments are being marked by specific staff.

Please Note: Blackboard Assignments do not fully support double blind marking. If you need to do this, please get in touch with the TEL Team via

Using Blackboard Groups & Grade Centre Smart Views

  1. Sort students into groups for making:
  2. Label the Groups clearly so markers know which group belongs to them
  3. The Groups don’t need to be made available to students if they’re only going to be used behind the scenes by markers
  4. The groups do need to be made available if the students need to submit group work
  5. Make sure to select the Create Smart View option when setting this up
    Image of the "Create Smart View for eat Group Set" option.
  6. Favourite these Smart Views for easy access from the Course menu:
    • Access the Grade Centre via the Course menu Control Panel
    • Go to Manage > Smart views
      Image of the Grade Centre with the Manage dropdown selected and the Smart Views Option highlighted.
    • Click the “Add to Favourites” button in the table
      Image of the list of smart views and the "Add to favourites" option next to each of the gorups, highlighted.
    • You’ll see the Group’s Smart View listed in the Grade Centre section of the Course menu Control Panel
      Image showing the  Grade Centre option in the Control panel and the Smart view listed underneath.

Markers can now also access these Smart Views from the menu to mark the work allocated to them.

Page last updated on October 4, 2018 by Sev Raychev

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