Internal moderation workflow Tii01: Turnitin Anonymous Marking + Anonymous Moderation inside 15 days

Technically possible, supported, but requires some workarounds.




First marker

  1. Use Paper ID to flag papers which you wish to be moderated.Turnitin Anonymous Marking - Paper ID
  2. Record details on the Moderation Form.
  3. Email the Moderation Form to the Internal Moderator.



  1. To find specific papers flagged by the first marker
    • Sort by Paper ID
      Turnitin Anonymous Marking - sort by Paper ID
    • Use Ctrl+F to find the required Paper ID
      Helpful tip!
      N.B. Remember that you may need to look on more than one page in the Assignment Inbox to find all submissions - or you can change your settings so that all papers display on a single page.
  2. To find papers on grade boundaries:
    It is not possible to sort papers by grade, so you will have to scan through each page in the Assignment Inbox, looking at the GRADE column to find papers which need moderation.Turnitin Anonymous Marking - sort by Grade

  1. Use the Attempt ID to record details of moderated papers on the Moderation form.
  2. If you wish to change marks awarded by the first marker
    • Email the Moderation Form to the first marker.
    • Follow your School’s procedures to agree a final mark, and record this in the Moderation Form.
  3. If marks need to be changed as a result of the moderation process apply these changes directly in Turnitin:
    locate and open the relevant student attempts from the Assignment Inbox; edit the grade in the Feedback Studio.
  4. Email the Moderation Form to the Programme Admin team.
Caution! If markers have used Turnitin by Group to mark the papers allocated to them, and you wish to moderate the spread of marks that each marker has assigned, this is not easy while Anonymity is enabled. See Internal moderation: Using Turnitin Assignments by Groups


Administrator – after 15 days

  1. After 15 days, when the Post Date has been reached, check that the Grade Centre column for this assignment has been revealed to students.
  2. Edit the moderation form – where paper IDs have been recorded, insert the relevant student names and numbers.
  3. Use the Moderation form to create a Moderation Smart View, including all students’ whose work was moderated.
  4. Upload the Moderation Form to the Blackboard course and/or External Examiner Organisation.