Internal moderation workflow Tii04: Turnitin Anonymous Marking + Named Moderation after 15 days

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Technically possible, fully supported.



First marker

  1. Use Paper ID to flag papers which you wish to be moderated.Turnitin Anonymous Marking - Paper ID
  2. Record details in the Moderation Form.


Administrator – after 15 days

  1. After 15 days, when the Post Date has been reached, check that the Grade Centre column for this assignment has been revealed to students.



Moderator – after 15 days

  1. To find specific papers flagged by first markers:
      • Sort by Paper ID
      • Use Ctrl+F to find the required Paper ID
        Turnitin Named Marking - sort by Paper ID
    Helpful tip!
    N.B. Remember that you may need to look on more than one page in the Assignment Inbox to find all submissions - or you can change your settings so that all papers display on a single page.
  1. To find papers on grade boundaries: sort the Turnitin Assignment Inbox by GRADETurnitin Named Marking - sort by Grade
  2. Record details of moderated papers on the Moderation form.
  3. If you wish to change marks awarded by the first marker
    • Email the Moderation Form to the first marker.
    • Email the Moderation Form to the Programme Admin team.
  4. Follow your School’s procedures to agree a final mark, and record this in the Moderation Form.


Administrator – after moderation

  1. Enter any revised marks in RISIS.
  2. Edit the moderation form – where paper IDs have been recorded, insert the relevant student names and numbers.
  3. Use the Moderation Form to create a Moderation Smart View, including all students’ whose work was moderated.
  4. Upload the Moderation Form to the Blackboard course and/or External Examiner Organisation.