Mode of Submission: Electronic Document (Blackboard)

Type of Submission Mode of submission to select in RISIS What’s provisioned on Blackboard Channel for feedback Mark Entry
Electronic Document (Blackboard) Blackboard assignment Blackboard Assignment Electronic Feedback via Blackboard Assignment / Grade Centre Blackboard

This option should be used where students are required to submit

  • Large files (greater than 100MB)
  • Multiple files

and for certain exceptional circumstances – see Notes below.


Anonymous marking and moderation is technically possible, but involves the use of potentially cumbersome workarounds.

For standard electronic documents Turnitin is the default submission route, but there are some exceptions where Blackboard is more appropriate e.g.

  • students are required to submit multiple files e.g. a combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, or zipped up computer code
  • students are required to submit single files larger than 100 MB
  • the marker is required to use a marking rubric (particularly a scoring rubric) which is not compatible with Turnitin
  • it is required to support reasonable adjustments for the marker (attaching feedback) where agreed with the SDTL.


Further guidance

Blackboard Assignment

EMA Integration: Blackboard Assignment

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