Blackboard Grade Centre: Setting up a Turnitin Smart View

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By default when you expand Grade Centre in the Control Panel, Blackboard displays shortcuts to Assignments (i.e. Blackboard Assignments) and Tests. On some courses you may find it useful to create a similar shortcut displaying all Turnitin assignments in the Grade Centre.

Control Panel - default Smart Views

To do this, go to Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre

then Manage > Smart Views.

Grade Centre - Manage Smart Views

Click on Create Smart View.

Grade Centre - Create Smart View

Enter a Name and click Add as Favourite

Grade Centre - Name Smart View

Under SELECTION CRITERIA choose Category and Status

and select Turnitin Assignment from the drop-down list.

Grade Centre - Categorise Smart View

From the Users drop-down list choose All Users.

Grade Centre - Smart View - Select Users

Press Submit.


You will now see Turnitin listed as a shortcut under Grade Centre in the Control Panel menu (you may need to refresh the menu).

Control Panel - Turnitin Smart View