Internal moderation: Using Turnitin Assignments by Groups

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For Turnitin assignments with multiple markers, the Turnitin Assignments by Groups feature can be used to distribute markers to papers.

The Moderator can then use Turnitin Assignments by Group to view all papers marked by each marker.

Named Moderation

You can sort the papers by Grade, in order to identify papers with particularly high or low marks, or on grade boundaries.

Statistical analysis of marks provided

Some Moderators will also want to analyse the spread of marks. In this case there are various options available:

  • there is no Export option available in this Turnitin view, but you could simply copy the data and paste it into Excel
  • you could Filter the Blackboard Grade Centre by Group, and then view Column Statistics
Important information!
Neither of these options is available if Anonymous Marking has been enabled on the Turnitin assignment.

Anonymous Moderation

The Turnitin by Groups feature respects anonymous marking. However, while anonymity is enabled, not only are students’ names hidden, but no grades are displayed on screen.

This means you cannot easily see the spread of marks for individual markers, or identify papers on grade boundaries.

A workaround for this is to remove anonymity before internal moderation takes place.


This solution is classified as Technically possible, but not recommended, due to the complexity of workarounds required.

It involves additional workload for administrative staff, and requires close cooperation between the Module Convenor and programme administrator.

Alternatively, if Moderation is to be carried out with anonymity enabled, the Module Convenor could require each marker to record on an Excel sheet the

  • marker’s name
  • paper ID
  • mark awarded

for all papers marked.