EMA Integration: Assessment Provisioning Exceptions – Invalid Assessment Title

The Assessment title contains characters which are not permitted.

Shown on the daily Assessment Provisioning Exceptions report as per this example

Exception SITS
Invalid Assessment Title Group project: written report / case study


You will need to amend the assessment title in RISIS, so that the relevant column / assessment can be created in Blackboard.


The Assessment Title field in RISIS allows up to 120 characters.

When setting up assessments in RISIS please note:

The Assessment Title field allows up to 120 characters.

You can use a range of non-alphanumeric characters where required to make the assessment name clearer e.g.

  • hyphen –
  • ampersand &
  • brackets ( )
  • full stop .
  • comma ,

You cannot use any non-alphanumeric characters which are not allowed in Windows filenames:

  • colon :
  • back slash \
  • forward slash /
  • less than <
  • greater than >
  • colon :
  • double quote “
  • vertical bar or pipe |
  • question mark ?
  • asterisk *


Important information!
Please see full details in the PDF guide Sub_Modular_Assessment_Title_Naming_Conventions which can be found in the RISIS Helpdesk under EMA - Sub Modular Assessment > How do I add or amend module assessment title? 


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