Campus Pack: Getting Started with the Tools

Caution!We do not expect to licence the Campus Pack tools beyond the 2020/21 academic year. Please contact us via the Service Desk for advice on alternative solutions.

CP_LogoCampus Pack is a set of tools integrated into Blackboard, which can be used to create learning activities such as blogs, wikis and journals.

These tools can be deployed in various forms to facilitate engaging, interactive and reflective learning. For example, you can create electronic journals for individual students on work placement to track their work, or a course wiki where all students can work collaboratively on a final group project. As well as general and ongoing course activity, Campus Pack tools can be used for formative and summative assessment, and you can assess them through the Blackboard Grade Centre.

The tools can be published at different levels of privacy, controlled by different types of permission settings, and they can be shared with Blackboard users as well as external users (e.g. supervisors, employers, etc.).

Campus Pack has three main tools – the blog, the wiki and the journal:

Campus Pack Blog

Campus Pack Wiki

Campus Pack Journal

Personal Learning Space (PLS)

Screenshot of the Campus Pack settings menu


In every Campus Pack activity there is a settings button, at the top right-hand corner of each page, where you can control various settings for that activity. What appears under the drop-down menu when you click on this button varies for each tool, but some of the major settings options are:

  • Settings – where you can edit general settings of your activity, including description, availability to students and Grade Centre options.
  • Subscribe – allows you to receive email notifications for activity taking place.
  • Export – you can export a Campus Pack activity as HTML.
  • Permissions – allows you to set different options for different users. See the guide Permissions in Campus Pack.
  • Assessment – shows each student’s contributions to the activity and links to the Grade Centre.



Assignment Template

In Campus Pack blogs and wikis, with either ‘one per person’ or ‘one per group’ settings, you can create an assignment template that pre-populates all of the blogs or wikis, and each student or group can build their own blog or wiki within the framework the template provides. The template option is not available for journals, course blogs or course wikis.


Campus Pack vs Blackboard

There are some differences between Campus Pack tools and the equivalent tools in Blackboard. Unlike Blackboard, in Campus Pack you can:

  • make activities public (accessed outside of Blackboard)
  • export activities as HTML, which is useful if students would like to keep their work after leaving the University
  • have RSS feeds and subscribe options for users – so they get notified of activity
  • create a blog, wiki or journal outside of Blackboard
  • set specific user permission
  • create assignment templates (per person blog/wiki)

However, Campus Pack tools:

  • are not integrated with Blackboard notifications and the Needs Marking section of the Grade Centre
  • do not allow for marking using Blackboard Rubrics
  • are unavailable by default – must be made available by instructor once created

You may also find the Campus Pack Instructor Guides useful if you’d like to find out more about specific aspects of using the tools.