EMA Integration: Known issues

Grade Approval screens

Weighted Total and Manual columns – all students are listed

When you go to the Grade Approval and Transfer screen, all students on the course are listed, not just those with a grade.

If you approve students who do not have a grade, no harm should be done, but each of those students will be listed in the daily Grade Import Exception report. So if possible, select only those students who do have a mark ready to transfer.


All columns appear on the Grade Approval screen – FIXED September 2019

When you go to the Grade Column Approval and Transfer screen, all assessments on the course are listed, not just the integrated (IC) columns.

You should ignore any assessments which are not prefixed with [IC].


Grade Centre columns incorrectly show as ‘Extracted’ – FIXED September 2019

When you approve marks to be transferred from Blackboard to RISIS, once those marks have been Extracted you may then see some other Grade Centre columns listed as Extracted! even though there are not yet any marks for those assessments.

For the column where you did approve marks, the status will change from ‘Approved’ to ‘Extracted’ (if all students have grades in the column) or to ‘Extracted!‘ (when some students have grades in that column). This is functioning correctly.

However if there are other integrated columns in the same course, where marks have not been approved, and where there are no grades at all, the status of these columns changes from ‘Unapproved’ to ‘Extracted!‘. This incorrect behaviour appears to happen to all gradable item types except for Weighted Columns. Despite the fact that the status changes to Extracted!, because there are no grades in the column, the integration won’t extract anything, so no problem is caused. But this status change is misleading.

This will be fixed with our next Blackboard upgrade.