EMA Integration: Blackboard Column Mapping Error/Warning Report – Turnitin assignment(s) points possible not set

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Warning shown in the Blackboard Column Mapping Error/Warning Report:

Property Integrated Points Possible Weighted Points Possible
EMA yellow warning icon TIIPP Turnitin assignment(s) points possible not set

Warning – The integrated column is mapped to a source column with a points possible value of 0. 

What does this mean?

This relates to Weighted Total columns in Blackboard which have been created by the EMA Integration – i.e. Weighted Total columns where the name is prefixed with [IC].

The mostly likely scenario is where a Weighted column is mapped to a Turnitin assignment, and the Points Possible for the Turnitin assignment is set to 0.

Action to take

Edit the Turnitin assignment, and change the Points Possible so that it matches what is in RISIS (normally 100).

If you need any help, please log a ticket with it@reading.ac.uk.

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