Blackboard: Add Assignment Feedback through the Grade Centre

For some non-electronic submissions (such as Presentations or Portfolios) a Blackboard column is created in the Grade Centre. There will not be any submission to provide feedback through. It is possible to attach feedback and give a mark through the Grade Centre column.

Attach Feedback

In the Grade Centre, go to the assessment and user you wish to attach the feedback to.

Click the grey chevron menu and select View Mark Details

In a grade centre column opening the drop down menu and Selecting View Mark Details for a user

1. Select Manual Override

2. Enter a mark

3. Use the attach item option to insert word documents/pdf/feedback docs

4. This will appear in the text box.  Add any additional text or hyperlinks

Using the Override Mark area to add a mark and feedback

Click Save. Select Return to the Grade Centre to mark other users.

The save button in override marks area, and return to Grade Centre link


Student View

Students will see the feedback bubble in their My Marks and can access the feedback and documents by selecting it.

Student view of their mark and feedback . Links to uploaded documents appear in the feedback

Page last updated on August 16, 2019 by Peter Moll

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