Blackboard Collaborate: Mobile app differences from desktop

When hosting and moderating a webinar session it is advised that you use a desktop computer with a stable browser such as Chrome. This way you will have the most stable connection and flexibility to manage your session and attendees.

Until recently the only way to access Collaborate on mobile was through the app (IOS & Android), which offered a limited features version of the tool, that was adequate for participation in a session but would not be suitable for hosting.

A recent update to the tool allowed it to be open using the Browser on a mobile device, which gives full functionality and works very well, but it is still advised to use a PC for the stability it offers and the ability to have an Ethernet connection, rather than Wi-Fi.


Feature comparison chart

Browser (PC/Mac)

Mobile App

Browser on Mobile

View Shared Content
Share Whiteboard
Share Files
Share Application
Chat Messages
Participate in
Breakout Rooms
Setup Breakout
Share Audio
Share Video
Respond to Polls
Launch Polls
Set Timer
Set Status
Manage Attendees
Set Away Status
Raise Hand
Record Session

Page last updated on January 30, 2023 by taralehane

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