Turnitin: Final Marks when Marking with a non-interger Rubric

Turnitin does not support Final Marks with Decimal Places

If you are grading Assignments using Turnitin, with a scoring rubric which will allow for a non-integer (not a whole number) final grade, you should be aware that Turnitin does not support non-integer final grades.

Non-integer scores produced in a rubric or grading form are rounded to the nearest integer when “Apply to Grade” is pressed.

Turnitin only passes integer grades to the Blackboard Grade Centre.

If you wish to apply non-integer marks you can do so by either manually overriding the grade in the Full Grade Centre at the end of the marking process, or by using Blackboard Assignments, which will allow non-integer final grades. Alternatively, you might wish to edit your rubric to contain only integer scores when grading.

Page last updated on August 31, 2022 by andyturner

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