Blackboard: View HTML code

When editing content in Blackboard, occasionally you may need to switch to the underlying HTML code view.

You will need to do this for instance if you want to embed a Twitter feed, or paste in YouTube embed code.

It can also be useful if you have any knowledge of HTML and you want to look at the code of an item or announcement to work out why it’s not displaying quite the way you expect.

To view the HTML code

  1. First, make sure that you can see all three rows of the editing toolbar.
    If you can see only one row, click on the two down-arrows on the right to expand the toolbar,

    Expand the Blackboard editing toolbar

  2. Now click on the HTML icon.

    View HTML code

  3. A new, small window opens.
    Make any required edits, and press Update to return to the main editing screen.