Mode of Submission: Blackboard Assignment (rolling deadlines)

Type of Submission Mode of submission to select in RISIS What’s provisioned on Blackboard Channel for feedback Mark Entry
Electronic Document (Blackboard – rolling deadlines) Blackboard Assignment (rolling deadlines) Weighted Total column Electronic Feedback via Blackboard Assignment / Grade Centre Blackboard


Important information!
This is a new Mode of Submission for 2019-20.
It can be used for both Individual and Group assignments.

For use where students will be submitting work via a Blackboard Assignment, but the deadline is not the same for all students on the course. For example, students submit according to which seminar group they belong to.

A separate Blackboard assignment is set up for each seminar group, and each assignment is set with the true deadline for that specific group of students.

The EMA Integration will create a single Weighted Total column in the Grade Centre, but this can be mapped to multiple Blackboard Assignments.

These Blackboard Assignments will have to be created manually in Blackboard.


Further guidance

Blackboard Assignment

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