Create accessible content: Images and media files

Adding Alt Text in Blackboard

You can add Alt Text when you first upload an image to Blackboard. The option appears below the buttons to browse your computer or the content collection. Alt Text should be added in the Image Description field, not the Title field.

Blackboard upload image dialogue box with Image Description box highlighted

If you attempt to upload an image without a description, Blackboard will warn you that you have not added a description to the image before you can submit. To mark an image as decorative, you will need to ignore this warning.

Blackboard "no alt text added" warning box

You can also add Alt Text by using the Blackboard Ally tool, once you have finished applying any formatting changes that might be required.  If you have added an image that is either described in the text, or is simply decorative, you can use the Blackboard Ally tool to mark an image as decorative, which will indicate to screen readers to ignore the image.

Blackboard Ally "Add Image Description" box with "Indicate image is decorative" option highlighted

Adding Alt Text to Images