Blackboard: The Periodic Reviewer role

A summary of what the role can and can’t do


When a Periodic Review is due the Quality team within CQSD set up a Blackboard Organisation for the review. Both internal and external reviewers will be added to this Organisation. In addition, reviewers will temporarily be enrolled onto individual Blackboard courses with the role of Periodic Reviewer.

This is a Course Role – like Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Marker.


Permissions associated with the role

Course Content

  • Can view all course content, including that which is currently unavailable to students.
  • Not able to create new content or edit existing content

Grade Centre

Has full access to the Blackboard Grade Centre

  • Can view and modify all grades – any type of gradable item (Blackboard and Turnitin  Assignments, Tests, Blogs and Wikis).
  • Can leave feedback.

N.B. It is not possible to grant “read-only” access to the Blackboard Grade Centre – if a user can access the Grade Centre then they automatically also have editing rights.

Turnitin Assignments

Has full access via Control Panel > Course Tools to

  • edit assignment settings
  • view and mark submitted work

N.B. anyone with access to work submitted to Turnitin will also have editing rights – it is not possible to grant read-only access.

Blackboard Assignments

  • Not able to edit assignment settings.

Via the Grade Centre

  • Able to view submitted work, grades and feedback
  • Can grade and leave feedback on submitted work.

(subject to any rules applied via Delegated Marking)


  • Not able to edit Test questions or edit settings.
  • Can take Tests (preview) as a staff member – i.e. can take the Test, but answers will not be recorded in the Grade Centre.
  • Can view ‘User Progress’ and ‘Item Analysis’.
  • Can view students’’ grades via the Grade Centre.

Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis

  • Not able to edit Blog, Journal or Wiki settings.
  • Able to view entries.
  • Able to view ‘User Progress’.
  • In Course Wikis and Blogs: able to edit content, comment, create a new wiki page or blog entry.
  • Personal Journals, Group Blogs, Journals and Wikis: able to view posts, but not edit.

Campus Pack Blogs, Journals and Wikis

  • Not able to edit Blog, Journal or Wiki settings.
  • Able to view entries.
  • Able to comment on entries, but cannot edit entries or make new posts.
  • Able to view ‘User Progress’.

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