Blackboard Collaborate: Sharing and Annotating Content

When running a Collaborate session you can share a variety of content with those attending.

  • PowerPoint slides, Adobe PDFs and certain types of image
  • An application
  • A browser tab
  • Your camera
  • The Collaborate Whiteboard
  • Polls
  • Your entire screen (generally best avoided if possible)

Share PowerPoint slides and other files – including using new annotation tools on slides.

Share your screen: application or browser tab

Share Whiteboard  – including using new annotation tools.

Share your camera (Blackboard Help page)
This allows your camera to be shared full screen with everyone – including you. Your camera can be pinned as the main content. This could be useful to share physical objects e.g. from a visualiser.

Polls (Blackboard Help page)
Simple Multiple Choice or Yes/No polls which can be used to improve learner engagement.

Share Content to Breakout Rooms (Blackboard Help page)

For further information please see the Blackboard Guide for Moderators: Share Content


Page last updated on October 25, 2021 by taralehane

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