Blackboard Collaborate: Sharing your screen

If you need to share your computer screen with Collaborate participants, there are three options.

To access these options click on the Share icon bottom right

Collaborate - Share icon

then on the Share Application/Screen button.

Collaborate - share your screen or an application

The ‘Share your screen’ panel will open.

Share Entire Screen

This will share everything on your screen. If you have two monitors, you can choose which to share.

It is normally best to share a specific window or application, rather than your entire screen.

Sharing your entire screen also uses up more bandwidth, so can lead to a degraded performance for those with a poor connection.Collaborate - share entire window

Share Application Window

This allows you to share an application – for instance Excel or Photoshop.

Select the application you want to share and press Share.

Collaborate - share application

Please note: although you can share PowerPoint presentations as an Application, in most cases it is best to upload your slides to Collaborate via the Share Files option.


Share Browser Tab

This allows you to share any internet browser tab you have open.

Select the tab you want to share and press Share.

Collaborate - share browser tab

If you want to share audio from the web page e.g. from YouTube, you will need to tick the Share Audio box.

Collaborate - share browser with audio

Please note: this option shares a specific browser tab. If you need to share a browser window, and switch between a number of tabs, you should use Share Application.


Page last updated on June 17, 2020 by andyturner

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