Setting up online interactive sessions for students


Guidance on setting up live interactive sessions (seminars and similar interactive teaching activities) as online sessions in Teams and Collaborate – for students unable to attend on-campus.


You will need to set up interactive online sessions for:

  • students who are unable to come to campus this term,
  • students who are officially ‘on-campus’ but who need to quarantine or self-isolate at any point in the term.

On any given day, it will not be possible to know precisely who is able to attend on-campus sessions, and who will need to attend online.

Therefore, whether you are using Teams or Collaborate, you should set up your online interactive sessions so that all students on your module can access them.

For more detailed information on this, and which platform will best meet your needs, please see How to make online interactive sessions available to students on the TEL website.

Steps involved in setting up online sessions

The steps you need to follow are

  1. select your platform – see this Comparison table showing considerations and constraints of Teams Meetings and Blackboard Collaborate and the Feature comparison table.
  2. schedule your online sessions.
  3. make the online sessions visible to students.
  4. communicate to your students how to access the sessions.

These articles provide more detailed instructions for each platform for points 2-4:

Setting up interactive sessions in Blackboard Collaborate

Setting up interactive sessions in Microsoft Teams

Page last updated on April 22, 2021 by Asif Muhammad

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