Blackboard Content Editor: Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker will show the Accessibility issues with your text and images and list them in the viewer.  Use the up and down arrows to flick through the list of issues.  Click on the question mark icon for further information on the specific Accessibility issue in question.

Screen shot of the Accessibility Checker on the Blackboard Content Editor

The area of concern will be highlighted in the editor.  For some issues the Repair button with be greyed out (as above), these features will have to be corrected outside the checker.

For other issues, including adding heading formatting or Alternative text for images, the repair can be performed using the Accessibility checker and then clicking the Repair button.

Screen shot of Content Editor's Accessibility checker with Alternative Text error found.

Screen shot of Blackboard Content Editor's Accessibility checker with Formatting error found.

If the checker has picked up something that you are happy with and are sure it does not pose an Accessibility issue, selecting Ignore will mean the checker will not pick that issue up again,

Screen shot of the Blackboard Content Editor's Accessibility Checker - contrast issue found

Contrast is an important issue but can not be corrected within the checker, navigate away from the checker or close it.  Change the text colour and run the checker again.

Page last updated on October 15, 2021 by taralehane

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