Tools for Learning Activities: Office 365

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Office365 is a collection of applications available as part of your University subscription and available via DTS.


  • Free as part of a University subscription
  • Online/app-based (may require installation)

Key features:

  • Available to all university staff and students
  • Sharing can be limited to individual, group (module) or institutional access
  • A variety of apps and platforms for interactivity
  • Online versions of apps automatically save progress
  • Inherits login information to keep track of collaborators or users with a link


  • Interacts with majority of everyday university recommended software
  • Available for PC and Mac
  • Free on multiple devices to staff and students
  • Accessible anywhere via
  • Readily available support via DTS
  • Autosaving when linked to an O365 account
  • OneDrive allows for quick sharing of work for collaboration or dissemination
  • Teams allows for collaborative working in real-time with video, chat & filesharing

Considerations and limitations:

  • Huge availability of applications can make it hard to learn functionality or choose the correct tool
  • Some applications are limited in the browser-version
  • Mac users may find limitations in desktop-apps
  • Some features not available for Mac users
  • Installation may require IT intervention
  • Sharing with externals is not possible with all applications (Stream)
  • Requires MFA for security purposes, which can cause issues for students studying from abroad, or travelling

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