Tools for Learning Activities: Blackboard Wikis

What is a wiki? why use a wiki in teaching & learning? See Learning Activities: Wikis on the TEL website.

Blackboard Wikis are collaborative spaces for group project work that can show individual contribution to a general piece of work.

Wikis are created and managed by instructors and can be set as graded or formative pieces. Depending on permissions, Wikis can be made available to course groups, or visible to all members of a course.

This page provides a brief overview of the tool. See our article Blackboard Wikis for guidance on how to set up, deploy, and grade Wikis.


  • Free
  • Online (via Blackboard)
  • Blackboard App

Key features:

  • Can be set up for course or group work
  • Full use of the Blackboard text editor to include a variety of styling and media
  • Allows for structured, collaborative group work
  • Records individual contribution
  • If graded, pages will show as Needs Marking after a specified number of pages
  • Allows for commenting on individual pages
  • Stores version history on pages


  • Records individual contribution and allows for grading of individual contributions
  • Creates a clear structure
  • Can be created privately and released to the course later
  • Provide an easy to use environment for communication
  • Promote collaboration
  • Foster a social and interactive approach to learning

Considerations and limitations:

  • Can be considered unintuitive and may require intervention to aid use
  • Once a Wiki has been set as graded, this cannot be undone
  • Lacks similarity reporting features, like Turnitin, to aid in the discovery of poor academic practice

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