Office 365: Adding MS Forms Quizzes to your Screencast

You can use Microsoft Forms to create quizes for you screencasts as interactive activities during your screencasts.

Creating a Quiz in Microsoft Forms

In the Office 365 area, access Forms from the list of Apps.

The forms app in the Office 365 tab

You can either add a new Form or a new Quiz, as well as choose from your list of existing ones.

Add new Quiz option in Forms home

On creation of the form edit the title and add a new question using ‘+ Add new’

Adding a title and clicking Add New button for question

Question types are listed  – Multiple choice, which can be set for multiple answers, text response, Likert scale (rating), date response.

Question types shown in question menu

The below example shows a multiple choice question :

Completing the details in a Multiple choice question

and a Text Question. Each question can be edited and the answer options edited  to create multiple answers or a long answer .  You can also set if a question is required or not to be answered. To add the next question click ‘+Add New’

Completing a Text Question details

You can change the settings of options in the quiz. Select the More Form Settings options > Settings

Three dot more options menu and selecting the settings menu item

To share the form or quiz with your video click Share Keep the default settings, Copy the link.

The share button and options with the URl link to copy highlighted

Adding your Quiz to a Video In MS Stream

In the Office 365 area, choose the Stream App.

The Stream app in the Office 365 tab

In the viewing area of your video in Microsoft Stream, where your video transcript is, select Interactivity

Showing the transcript area of the Stream video highlighting the interactivity tab.

Select Add Form

Showing the Add Form option. Picture also shows how other forms have been added at various timings in the video

Paste the link, and Name the quiz or form

Paste the link of URL from the Share forms section

Select on the timeline where you would like the quiz to display. This will then display in the Add Form area.

Showing video home screen and moving mouse along time line to correct time point for the quiz.

Click Add to timeline to save.

Highlighting the time now showing in the Add form area. Highlighting Add to Timeline button

You can add multiple quizzes per screencast


Page last updated on February 1, 2021 by Peter Moll

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