Gradescope: Add a Gradescope link in your course

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Once you have enabled Gradescope in your Blackboard course you can add a link to Gradescope to your course menu and/or in any content area.

Where to create a link

  • The most convenient way to provide access to Gradescope from your course – for students, but particularly for staff involved in the assessment process – is to add a link to Gradescope on the course menu.
  • You can also add a link inside a content area e.g. in the Assessment area.
  • Where Gradescope is being used for an exam, you will need to add a link inside the Exam folder which appears on the day of the exam.

Please note: when students follow a link to Gradescope they can see any assignments which are currently open. You do not need to restrict access to Gradescope, but it is essential that Gradescope assignments are set up correctly, so that they only become visible at the right time.

Add Gradescope to the course menu

Click on the + sign at the top of the course menu. Choose Add Tool Link.

Add Tool link to menu

Type ‘Gradescope’ in the name field.

Select ‘Gradescope’ from the drop-down list. Tick the ‘Available’ box in order to show this link to students, then press Submit.

Add Gradescope Tool link to menu

Add Gradescope to a content area

Click on Tools > More Tools > Gradescope.

Tools - More Tools - Gradescope

On the weblink editing screen you can accept all of the defaults and just press Submit.

If you are still familiarising yourself with Gradescope, and do not want students to have access yet, you can select Available = No.

Gradescope Recommended naming conventions for Gradescope exams coming soon.

This creates a link to Gradescope.

Gradescope link in course

Click on this link to open Gradescope in a new window.

If this is the first time that Gradescope has been accessed from the course, you can link the Blackboard course to a Gradescope course.