Gradescope: Create a Gradescope assignment

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Once you have set up a Gradescope course you can create your first Assignment.

Please note: you create assignments in Gradescope. You do not at this point need to set up a submission point in Blackboard.

Gradescope: Workflow and Recommended settings for Take Home Exams

Create a new assignment

Click on Assignments on the collapsible left-hand menu.

Then on Create Assignment in the centre of the screen.

Create Gradescope assignment

Now choose the type of assessment.

  • For Take Home Exams this will mostly be Homework / Problem Set: students write answers by hand on paper, then scan work and upload it to Gradescope.
  • For exams which contain multiple choice questions, but also some questions where students need to submit a scanned copy of handwritten work, select Online Assignment.

If appropriate, you can copy assignments both within a course, and from one course to another – see Duplicating an Assignment.

Additional settings to apply

Hide rubric items

Disable Regrade requests