Blackboard Achievements: Create and Manage

Blackboard Achievements

Blackboard Achievements is a tool which allows you to designate criteria for issuing rewards to students in the form of badges and certificates.

My Achievements page with all Achievements showing - one gained and three more to get

Before creating Achievements you will need to:

Create an Achievement

To create an Achievement go to the Achievements area, Course Tools, Achievements.  In the Achievements area all current Achievements on the course will be listed.  Hover over the Create Achievement button in the top left-hand corner.

From the contextual menu select the type of Achievement you wish to create. The type of Achievement is defined by the type of reward available.

  • Course Completion: The certificate reward is required. An additional badge is optional.
  • Milestone: The reward is a badge.
  • Custom: The reward is a badge, certificate, or both.

Create Achievement contextual menu

The Create Achievement page will open in the About screen.

There are three stages to creating an Achievement About, Define Triggers and Select Reward.


name the achievement

On the About page complete the Achievement information:

  1. Add the Achievement name, make it something meaningful.
  2. Location, browse the course to find content area the Achievement will show in.
  3. Select “Visible to student before receiving” Yes or No.
  4. Add a description.

browse to select content area or folder to place achievement in


available to student selected as yes and a description added to the text box

Once the About information is complete click on Define Trigger at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Define the trigger

The rule options on the trigger page are the same as those used for Adaptive Release.

  • Date
  • Membership
  • Mark
  • Review Status

Chose at least one trigger and complete that section with the required details.  Be careful if selecting multiple triggers that they work together and/or are necessary.


Date for Achievements is not a trigger but can allow you to restrict when a specific Achievement available for students to earn it.  If visible to students has been marked as “Yes” in the About screen that visibility can now be restricted to after a particular date.


Membership to a group can be used as a trigger.  For example the student could be asked to sign up to a self-enrol group to gain the reward.

Define Triggers page with membership to self-enrol groups selected

When located next to a Self-enrol group link the student view will shown as:

Student view of self-enrol group achievement

Membership can also be used to restrict which student can gain the achievement when used in conjunction with Mark or Review status the achievement could be granted to named students only or those who are members of a specified group.


Mark as a trigger means selecting any assessment on the course and linking the Achievement to either an attempt or a specific mark for that assessment.

First select the Grade Centre Column from the drop down menu.

browse the list of Grade Centre columns and select the right assessment

Once the Grade Centre column has been selected a condition will need to be defined. Possible conditions for the selected assessment (a) are:

  • User has a least one attempt for this item
  • A score/percentage Less/Greater than or Equal to a given number
  • A score/percentage between two given numbers

Mark as trigger - set condition and add to create multiple criteria

It is possible to add (b) multiple assessments and have a list of criteria the student needs to meet to achieve the award.  This is where it is important to make sure the configuration of assessments and the selected conditions are possible for the student to achieve and that the requirements are stipulated clearly in the description.

Review Status

Review Status as a trigger places a Review button next to the item selected so that the student can click the button when they have completed the task.

student view of review status button - clicking it will trigger the Achievement badge

To set a Review Status trigger for your Achievement just select the item in the course using the Browse option.

selecting item window for review status trigger

Once you have set up at least one trigger click Select Reward at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

select reward button - take you to the next stage of set up

Select the award

The last step is to select the image that will act as the badge for this Achievement. You can select one of Blackboards badges or upload your own images.

First you will need to add the issuer’s name.

Select Rewards page, Issuer name - needs to be added. Select a badge image

When you have selected your badge click Save and Exit.

Viewing Achievements

The Achievements you create will appear in the content area and in the Achievements area under Course Tools.

The Content Area (in edit mode).

Achievement in Content Area

The Achievements Area, under Course Tools.

Achievements area with a list of Achievements set up


Students can see a list of their Achievement via the My Achievements page.  It will be necessary to add the Tool Link for My Achievements to the course menu, see Blackboard Achievements for details.

Students view of My Achievements





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