Gradescope: mark submitted work

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Locating your Gradescope exam

To mark work, follow the Gradescope link from your Blackboard course. These will be setup by your programme administrators, if you do not have one on your Blackboard course, please contact them.

Gradescope link in the course menu of Blackboard

You will be shown a list of all assignments in this course. Select the assignment you are marking to go to the Grading dashboard.

Gradescope course view with assignment highlighted for marking

Marking student papers

By default Gradescope supports horizontal marking by question i.e. you mark all responses to question 1 before starting to grade question 2.

You will have access to a number of marking tools, such as the ability to annotate with comments, mark-up or shapes.

You will also be able to construct a marking rubric to add or remove points during marking.

See the Gradescope guide Grading Submissions, for a more detailed look into the various components of marking submissions.

You can include LaTeX and some formatting in comments and rubric descriptions – see the Gradescope articles

The marking rubric

You should design your rubric for the exam before marking papers. Keep in mind that this is a negative or positive scoring rubric, depending on your preference, to add or remove marks for complete/incomplete or semi-completed answers.

You may decide to build your Rubric in Gradescope when you first start marking papers; you can add or remove scoring components as you progress without undoing the marking work you’ve already done.

Alternatively, rather than waiting till you start marking actual exam papers, you can Set up your rubric in advance.

You can also reuse rubrics between assignments and between questions – see Copying Rubrics.

Each question will use its own unique marking rubric, but all items of the rubric will be applicable to all student papers.

Learn more about defining the marking rubric.


Tagging student answer sheets

When your students submit scanned work, they will be prompted to tag the pages of their PDF so that when you come to mark a question, it will automatically take you to the page where that answer is located.

It is anticipated that this stage will be completed without complication for the majority of students, but where they have not been able to do it, you may have to tag the pages yourself.