Gradescope: Set up your rubric in advance

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You may wish to create your marking rubric before students have submitted.

As a first step, you will need to create a test student in Gradescope.

Now go to your Gradescope assignment, and click on Upload Submission at the bottom of the page.

N.B. You can upload on behalf of a student even if the assignment is not yet available.

Upload submission - select student

Select your test student from the drop-down list.

Upload submission - select student

Select the file to upload (you will need to have written and scanned an answer paper).

Upload submission - select file

Press Upload.

Now you can go to Grade Submissions and create your Rubric.

If appropriate, you can reuse the Rubric from one question on other questions – in the same assignment, or in any assignment in any course where you are the Instructor.

Please see Copying Rubrics.