Gradescope: Create a test student

If you want to

you can set up a test student account.

To create a test account

Go into your Gradescope course and then to the Roster area.

Add user to Gradescope course

Click Add Students or Staff.

Add user to a Gradescope course

Choose Single User.

Enter the test user details on the Add User screen. You could call the user something like Test User – make sure that there’s no danger that you or your colleagues will mistake the user for a real student.

Do not enter your University email address for this test user. You could enter your personal email address (e.g. Gmail) here.

Do enter a valid email address if you are intending to log on to access Gradescope as this test user (you’ll receive an email to this address with details of how to log on).

Gradescope Add User screen

When done, press Submit.

Page last updated on March 19, 2021 by andyturner

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