MS Teams: Welcome slides

When students join a webinar, it is good practice to have a welcome slide that introduces them to the session you are about to hold. 

It can be displayed before the start of the session to provide useful information and set expectations. 

What information should a welcome slide contain? 

This might vary depending on the type of session you are delivering and the number of participants. 

Provide a simple and clear layout and decide which messages that are most important to show before the start of the session. This can include: 

  • The title of the session  
  • The names of the presenters/facilitators 
  • Contact details (email address)  
  • The start date and time 
  • The length of the session 
  • State if the session is going to be recorded 
  • Indicate when and how students can ask questions and the level of interaction to expect 
  • Indicate to participants if tools have been turned off, for example audio or chat 
  • Ask participants to mute their microphones during the session

Examples of different welcome slides
Powerpoint slide deck for you to customise as required.

It is also advisable to provide a slide showing Teams’s interface for practical instructions, e.g. how to raise hands, share audio and video, and share content (if applicable). You can include this slide in your session after the welcome slide and talk participants through it.

Page last updated on April 9, 2021 by Shirin Franklyn

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