Blackboard: Using the Library Liaison role


Subject Liaison Librarians are assigned admin privileges in Blackboard, providing you with the ability to self-enrol on courses within the School or Department with which you work.

The privileges have been granted in order that you can

·        advise on copyright compliance in relation to PDFs uploaded to Blackboard, where necessary

·        provide updated links to scans made available via TADC

·        add links to online Reading Lists on Blackboard modules, if assistance is needed.

Once enrolled on a course, you have Instructor privileges, but clearly you should limit your activity within the Blackboard course to Library-related matters, and should not make changes to a course without having discussed this with the Module Convenor or other member of the teaching team.

The Library Liaison role is assigned at ‘domain’ level. In most cases this equates to a School, except in SPEIR and SACD where each Department has a separate domain. This means that you are able to search for and enrol yourself on any Blackboard course categorised as belonging to that School or Department.

Searching for courses

Go to the Admin from the Blackboard menu.

Blackboard menu with Admin option circled.

You have limited access to admin functions. The only area you need at present is Courses.

Administration Panel page shown , highlighting courses

The course search defaults to Course Name.

Enter your search terms and press Go.

Showing searching for a course with course name

The search automatically truncates – so a search for ‘develop’ will automatically return results for ‘developing’. ‘development’ etc.

You can also

·        search by Course ID (i.e. Programme or Module code)

·        change ‘Contains’ to ‘Equal to’, ‘Starts with’ or ‘Not blank’ (this will bring up all courses in your domain)

·        restrict your search to courses created before or after a certain date – useful if you want only courses created for the current academic year.

Drop down menu options in the search bar.

There is no advanced search facility, but you can sort search results by any of the column headings e.g. by course name, course code, or date created.

An overview of the course list screen

How to Self-enrol on courses

Having found the course you need, click on the course ID to go to the course.

Highlighting the course code to select in order to enter the course

You will now almost certainly see some kind of warning or error message – don’t panic!

Simply click on the Quick Enrol button below the course menu.

Quick Enrol Button at the bottom of the course menu highlighted

Error message on screen and enrol button
You will see a pop-up message – click OK.

pop up instructor warning message

You are now enrolled on the course, with instructor privileges.


Changing your role in a course

The most appropriate course role for non-teaching staff is actually Teaching Assistant, but

·        the Quick Enrol option always enrols you as an Instructor

·        Instructor is the only course role which gives you editing control over Talis Reading List links in Blackboard.

If you do want to change your role you can do this by going to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users.

Find your user record – use the search box above the user list, remembering to change the default ‘Not Blank’ to ‘Contains’.

Hover over your username, and click on the chevron to get the contextual menu. Choose Change User’s Role in Course.

Drop down menu in course users, to change user's role

Select the new role from the list and press Submit.

You are able to change your role from Instructor to Teaching Assistant and vice versa.

To remove yourself from courses

Simply click on the Quick Unenrol button below the Control Panel.

Quick Unenrol at bottom of course menu

You will see a warning message:

Warning message

In most cases there is no problem saying OK – this will not delete any content you have uploaded to the course, or Talis links you have created. It will anonymise any contributions you had made to Discussion Board forums, Blogs, Wikis, Announcements etc.


Page last updated on August 9, 2021 by Sev Raychev

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