Turnitin: expired courses

Turnitin LTI classes (Blackboard courses with Turnitin LTI assignments) expire 6 months after the latest “feedback release date” of an assignment in the class see our guide Turnitin LTI: expired courses for more details.

When you set up a Turnitin assignment on your Blackboard course, this creates a corresponding Turnitin “class”. By default the class expires 6 months after creation, but in practice staff on the Blackboard course can continue to reactivate the class (up to a maximum of 7 years).

When the class for your Blackboard course has expired, you will see a warning message in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

Screenshot of the Turnitin Assignment Inbox for an expired class, showing a 'Read-only' message at the top of the screen.

A message also appears when you open any of the submitted papers in the Feedback Studio.

Screenshot of Turnitin warning message

What can be viewed in an expired Turnitin class?


  • Can open submitted papers in the Feedback Studio, and view any marks and feedback previously entered.
  • Can download papers.
  • Can use the Export function to export marks and other data to an Excel file.
  • Cannot edit marks or add new feedback.


  • Students who have already submitted can open their papers in the Feedback Studio, and view any marks and feedback previously entered by academics.
  • Can download their papers.
  • Students who have not already submitted will not be able to do so.
    Screenshot of warning message displayed to students

What action is required?

Students and staff need only read-only access

If the assignment is needed only as a record of what was submitted, and of marks and feedback provided – No action required


Further submissions or marking are required

  • If there are still students who need to submit work to the course
  • or there is work which still needs marking

Reactivate the class

To do this simply go to the Edit tab for any assignment on the Blackboard course.

There is no need to make any changes, just press Submit.

The Turnitin class will now be reactivated, allowing further student submissions, and staff to carry out marking.







Page last updated on March 14, 2023 by taralehane

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