Turnitin LTI: Expired courses

Important – Tii update, 9th Feb 2023

All Tii classes are set to expire 12 months from the creation date or on the day of the latest feedback release date for Turnitin assignments, whichever is the latest. When class is expired, all the submissions and student attempts become read only. That is, marks or feedback cannot be edited, and new attempts cannot be submitted.

However, if you need to edit marks and feedback, or allow further student attempts in an expired or read only class you can re-activate the class. For guidance on how to re-activate a Turnitin class please click the link “Reactivate a Turnitin Class“.

When you set up a Turnitin LTI assignment on your Blackboard course, this creates a corresponding Turnitin “class”. By default, the class expires 12 months after creation, or at the date and time of the last Feedback Release Date, whichever is the latest.

When the class for your Blackboard course has expired, a message appears when you open any of the submitted papers in the Feedback Studio.

Screen shot of Error message for expired course with the text "Read Only. This paper was submitted to a class that is expired, and is currently in read-only mode.

Staff on the Blackboard course can continue to reactivate the class (up to a maximum of 7 years).

What can be viewed in an expired Turnitin class?


  • Can open submitted papers in the Feedback Studio
  • Can view any marks and feedback previously entered.
  • Can download papers.
  • Can download the Gradebook.
  • Cannot edit marks or add new feedback.


  • Can open submitted papers in the Feedback Studio.
  • Can view any marks and feedback previously entered by academics.
  • Can download their papers.
  • Cannot submit or re-submit.

What action is required?

If the assignment is needed only as a record of what was submitted, and of marks and feedback provided – No action required

If there are still students who need to submit work to the course or there is work which still needs marking you can Reactivate the class.

Reactivate the class

To reactivate an expired class instructor or Programme Admin can:

  1. Create a draft submission point in the relevant class
  2. Name it something that will be clear to student that it is not in use
  3. Enter the Assignment Inbox of this new submission point

Screen shot of Draft Turnitin submission point created to reactivate a retired class.

The Turnitin class will now be reactivated, allowing further student submissions, and staff to carry out marking.

To prevent the class from closing again you may keep the draft submission point on the course, hidden from students, with a Feedback Release date in the future. Alternatively you may choose to delete it when you have completed the work you needed to do.

When deleting a Turnitin submission point you will need to delete the submission point and the grades centre column separately.





Page last updated on May 26, 2023 by Asif Muhammad

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