YuJa: Recording Your Videos

There are two ways you can record videos in YuJa, directly in your browser, or using the desktop application.

You can access either of these from within YuJa, from Create Recording on the top menu.

Create Recording link on the top menu

Create Recording - options

You can choose which tool to use each time you record.

Whichever method you use, your recording will be saved in your YuJa Media Library.


Record in the browser

The YuJa Browser Capture Studio offers a lightweight recording option without the need to download any software. This is ideal for quick recordings, for those with a good internet network connection.

Showing the Browser Capture Studio and set up recording options

Using the desktop YuJa Software Capture application

The YuJa desktop application offers a greater range of features than recording in the browser.

The application will need to be installed on your PC or Mac. See the DTS Knowledge Base article How to install YuJa Learning Capture Software Capture App (desktop).

Once you’ve installed the YuJa application, you’re ready to begin recording from your device.

Your recording options can be customised to meet your needs. See

Showing the app recording set up options


Page last updated on September 6, 2022 by andyturner

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