YuJa privacy settings

Privacy settings in YuJa

The default privacy setting on content added to Yuja is “Portal Authentication” – this means that, when you share a link to a video, anyone with a University of Reading account will be able to use that link to watch your video.


  • your video won’t be found by other users unless you create a link and share it
  • you can control the settings on each of your videos, for instance make them private, or require users to have a password to view them.
    See this YuJa article for how to set video permissions.


Some definitions


Definition: The person who uploads a video to YuJa.

The original Owner can, if they wish, grant a colleague permissions to manage their videos – in which case that colleague also becomes an Owner.


Definition: Grant access permissions for a video to other named users.

When a video is shared this is done by means of a direct URL link generated by the Owner.


Read Only:          The media may be viewed, but not changed.
Edit Access:        The media may be viewed or edited, but not deleted.
Full Access:         The user has all rights, including the ability to delete the media.

See https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043246633-Viewer-Sharing-and-Publishing#sharing-a-video-0-2

  • Only the video Owner has the ability to
    • Generate a URL link for a video.
    • Share a video.
  • The video Owner can change or revoke sharing permissions on a video at any time.
  • If the Owner grants Full Access rights to another user, that user can then share the video with other users.


Definition: Grant read-only access to all members of a Blackboard course (staff and students), by adding a video to a Channel.

  • Videos can be Published to one or more Channels – see Publishing to the Channel for a Blackboard course.
  • A Channel is not a Folder, but a set of permissions (similar to MS Stream Groups).
  • Publishing a video to a Channel does not make a copy of the video, merely updates the permissions on that video.
  • Publishing to a Channel is all that is necessary to enable students to access the video but, as with MS Stream, we recommend that academics also embed videos in the relevant area of their Blackboard course(s).
  • Once Published to a Channel, all students in the relevant Blackboard course can access the video whether or not it has been embedded or linked to from Blackboard.
  • Display after / until dates can be set on a video – so you can Publish a video to a Channel, but set it only to be visible after a certain date.
  • Publishing a video does not require use of the Share option, but the Owner may still Share the video with specific users as required.

Agreed University of Reading settings for Channels:

  • Only Instructors and other users with a staff role in their Blackboard course are able to Publish to a Channel.
  • Students on a Blackboard course are not able to Publish to a Channel.


Definition: Insert a video into a Blackboard content item, so that it can be viewed directly within the Blackboard course.

  • Embedding in Blackboard makes use of the Yuja Media Chooser tool. It is also possible to insert a link into a Blackboard course, so that the video can be viewed in Yuja.
    See Inserting content in a Blackboard course.
  • Embedding a video in a Blackboard course does not Publish the video to the relevant Channel. That has to be done separately.


Examples of how the privacy settings work

Video owner Shares link to a video Anyone with the link can share it with anyone else with a UoR IT account.
Video owner Shares link to a video;  permissions set to Private Only users with whom the video was shared can view it.
Video owner Publishes video to a Channel All members of the Channel (Blackboard course) can find the link, and can share with anyone else with a UoR IT account
Video owner Publishes video to Channel; permissions set to Private Only members of the Channel (Blackboard course) can view the video.
Student inserts video in a Blackboard assignment submission Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Markers on the Blackboard course will be able to view the video.


Checking and changing video permissions

Hover over any video where you are the Owner, and choose More.

Screenshot of a YuJa video with the More option highlighted

This opens the Media Details page, from where you can access and edit a range of information – see https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051856293-Managing-Existing-Media#accessing-additional-video-management-tools-0-1.

In particular Links allows you to get a link to your video, which you can share with other users; and you can also adjust the Security Settings as desired, including adding password protection.

Screenshot of the Media details screen, with Links and Security Settings highlighted

See Configuring the Security Settings for Shared Contents.

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