Blackboard Tests: Mark Questions

Mark by question

There may be situation where you would like to mark only one or two questions in a test manually. There may be a marking team were markers only mark specific questions or there may only be a few questions that require manual marking.

Mark Questions

From the Grades Centre go to the test column and select “Mark Questions” from the contexual menu.

Blackboard Test - confirm remarking

In the Mark Responses page locate the question you wish to change the mark for.  Click on the blue number at the end of the question.

Blackboard Test - confirm remarking

Blackboard Tests cannot be marked anonymously, but you can hide student names while marking by checking the box “Mark with Usernames Hidden”.

This will open a page with every student list and their attempt score, which can be edited.

Blackboard Test - confirm remarking

Click on the “Edit” button to open the question and edit the score given.

At the top of the page, reveal “Question Information” to see the question text and given answers plus edit options.

Blackboard Test - confirm remarking

Give Full Credit

The Give Full Credit option will change each student’s score so that they are given full credit for this question.

This action is reversible and the students’ actual given answer is always visible.

Blackboard Test - confirm remarking

Page last updated on February 7, 2022 by taralehane

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