Installing YuJa desktop app

Important: If you are unable to install YuJa desktop app for a technical reason, please raise a support ticket via Self Service Portal and consider using “YuJa Browser Capture Studio” in the mean time.

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Installing the YuJa desktop app on a personal computer:

Installation of the YuJa desktop app requires “Admin rights” on the device where you would like to install the app. In most cases, users with their own (non-university) personal computers will already have “Admin rights”. The video guides below will walk you through the steps you can follow to install the app on your personal Windows or iOS device.

Install on Personal computer (Windows or iOS)

  • Installing YuJa Software Capture on PC

  • Installing YuJa Software Capture for iOS (Apple Application)

Installation on a UoR staff computer or laptop

The way to install software will vary depending on the device you are using:

1 – via Windows Software Center: The Software Center is available to older University staff devices. You can install the YuJa Software Capture app on a Windows PC via “Software Center“. For step by step guidance please click here.  If  working  remotely  please  ensure  VPN  is  connected.image showing install YuJa using Software Center

2 – via Company Portal: Company Portal is an application installed on most newer University Staff computers (anything purchased after March/April 2021) and allows you to install YuJa. We have a knowledge article that explains how to access software via the Company Portal: Install Software from Company Portal on an Autopiloted device.

Important Note: Company Portal is available to most newer University Staff Devices, if you have an older device delivered prior to March/April 2021, you’ll likely find the Software Center on your device (further information above).

3 – Using an UoR Apple device? If you are working on a Mac, you can download YuJa via the JAMF self-service portal (our apple device management system). There is a knowledge base article that explains how to download software from JAMF: Installing Software from JAMF Self-service.

Image showing YuJa installation on Mac

Image showing YuJa installation on Mac

Support and Feedback

You will find answers to some technical queries by searching for YuJa in the Service Desk Knowledge Base.

If you need further assistance please feel free to raise a support ticket via the Self Service Portal.

To report a problem with this page, request alternative formats or to make suggestions please contact us.

Page last updated on August 22, 2023 by Asif Muhammad

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