Turnitin LTI: Access and View Assignments

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Accessing Turnitin Assignments

In your course, you can access all Turnitin assignments by going to the submission point for the relevant assignment.

Click on the title of the assignment.

Turnitin Submission Point - Click on title to enter the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

From the Assignment Inbox, under the Grade column, click on the pencil icon under the Grade column. This icon indicates that this student’s submission has not yet been marked.

Turntin Assignment Inbox with the blue pencil icon in the Grade column highlighted.

The Turnitin Feedback Studio opens in a new window showing the paper submitted by the student on-screen. The feedback and similarity tools are shown in the right-hand panel.

Student submission opened in the Feedback Studio.

Sort papers in the Inbox

You can sort the list of Assignments by any of the available columns by clicking on the heading name.

  • Author
  • Paper title
  • paper ID
  • Uploaded date

Search the Inbox

The search results will show as a filtered version of the inbox.  The search covers all the columns.

 Turnitin Assignment Inbox with some text in the Search box. The results of the search have filtered the inbox to show only the matching submissions.

Anonymous Marking

When anonymous marking is enabled, you will not be able to see the Author’s name.

The authors name can be revealed if necessary, click on Reveal author’s identity and add the reason, such as a corrupt file, then click on Reveal.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox with Anonymity turned on and one users name being revealed via the "Reveal Author's identity" function.

The name can not be hidden again but will remain revealed in the Assignment Inbox.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox with one name revealed and all others anonymous.


Anonymous Turnitin Assignment submissions cannot be directly accessed via the Grade Centre or Needs Marking until the Feedback Release date has been reached.
See Turnitin LTI: Anonymous marking


Page last updated on August 22, 2022 by taralehane

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