Turnitin LTI: Submit on behalf of a Student

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Why might I need to do this?

There may be times when you want to submit work to Turnitin on a student’s behalf – for instance, if the student has experienced technical difficulties, or if you are making ad hoc submissions on a course where Turnitin is not routinely used.

How to do it

Locate the Turnitin assignment in your Blackboard course and click on Assignment Title.

Turnitin Submission Point - Click on title to enter the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

This will open the Assignment Inbox.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox - will students submissions listed. Column headings Author, Paper Title, Uploaded, Viewed, Grade, Similarity, Flags and Options

On the top menu in the Assignment inbox type the name of the student into the “Submit on behalf of student” search box.

Submit on behalf of a student search box at the top to the Assignment Inbox with the start of a student's name and a list of names begining with those letters.

Click on the name from the list and a pop-up window will appear to confirm your intention.

Pop-up confirmation message "Submit on behalf of... You have selected to submit on behalf of Marilyn Monroe. Would you like to proceed? with Cancel or Continue buttons as options

If there is already a submission for the selected student the pop-up message will appear explaining that to continue with overwrite the first submission.

Other example of Submit on behalf of pop-up message "You have selected to submit on behalf of Graham Greene. There is an existing submission for this student which wil be overwritten if you continue. Would you like to proceed?" - Cancel and Continue buttons.

When you press Continue a Submit File screen will now appear which allows your to upload a file from your local computer or cloud services.

  • Upload a file from your locate computer
  • Upload a file from Cloud Submission

Submit File screen with Upload submission from local Computer and Cloud Submission showing (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox)

There is also a Text Input option.

Submit File screen with the Text Input option showing. "Enter or paste the text of your submission in to the box beow."

When uploading a file the Submission Title will auto-fill as the file name, but this can be changed if you need to give the submission a specific title.

Click Upload and Review.

Submit File screen with the uploading file attached and Upload and Review button showing.

The selected file will show in a preview window.  Click Submit to Turnitin.

Submit File screen with the submitted file previewed. Cancel Submission and Sumbit to Turnitin buttons available.

Once submitted you will be returned to the Assignment Inbox where a Success banner will appear at the top.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox with the "Submission uploaded successfully" banner showing at the top of the screen.


Page last updated on November 16, 2022 by taralehane

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