Turnitin LTI: Download Files

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

When would you need to download files?

  • To print out paper copies of students’ work submitted electronically.
  • To save a copy of student work locally to your computer, to either view it offline or mark outside of Turnitin.
  • To archive copies of either the original file submitted by the student or the electronically marked paper.

How to download individual files

  • In the Blackboard Course go to the relevant Turnitin LTI submission point
  • Click on the Submission point title to go into the Turnitin LTI Assignment Inbox.

Turnitin LTI submission Point. Click on the Assessment title to enter the Assignment Inbox

From the Assignment Inbox, there are two ways to download the individual files.

Assignment Inbox for Turnitin LTI with two methods marks 1 and 2

  1. Go to the paper you wish to download, click on the three dots at the end of the line.  From the contextual menu select Download.
  2. Click on the blue pencil icon or the assignment title.  The paper will open in the Feedback Studio.

In the Feedback Studio, click the Download button in the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Feedback Studio Download GradeMark view with download options highlighted.

Download pop-up window

Feedback studio with the Download window opent showing options

From the menu that appears, click either:

  • Current View to include the feedback in the downloaded file or,
  • Original File to download a copy of the student’s work.


If Current View is selected, a PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. This will include the written feedback, comments and rubric contained in the online marked assignment. When viewing the PDF, feedback is listed at the end of the document.

Current view PDF showing rubric marking

Download All

If you wish to download more than one paper, you can do this from the Turnitin LTI Assignment Inbox.

a. Go to the top right-hand corner of the Assignment Inbox and click on Download All to reveal the menu with the download options.

Download all buton with contextual menu open with the download options; Grade Report, Submission List, Original Files, Standard PDFs and GradeMark PDF


b.  Check the specific students you would like to download the papers for.  The Download All button with change to Download Selected and offers the same download options.

LTI Assignment Inbox with some papers selected and the download papers options revealed.

The download options are:

  • Original Files
  • Standard PDFs
  • GradeMark PDFs

Bulk Downloads

A message will appear informing that the papers will be put in a compressed (.zip) file. Click Ok.

Downloading papers message: "This might take a while... You can close this window and the process will continue. A zip file containing your requested files will be available for download in your Turnitin Nofifications tab when complete.

Notifications tab

The downloads are accessed, when the process has completed, through the Turnitin Assignment Inbox Notification icon.

The red dot will appear and flash when the downloads are ready.

Notifications window with a list of the Bulk Downloads. Details of the downloads and a zip file is revealed.

Download ZIP file

  • Select the download you would like click on the down arrow to reveal the download details. The file will appear as a .ZIP file, click on the file name to download.
  • If you no longer need any download, you can delete it using the ‘Trash Can’.
  • Click the file link to download

Zip icon at the bottom off the browser window.

You can then see all selected papers in the file. These can be opened, saved or printed as required.

File manager showing extracted zip file.



There are several differences in behaviour when anonymity is enabled – see Managing and administering assessments with Anonymous marking

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