Turnitin LTI: Creating a PeerMark Assessment

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What is PeerMark?

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. With the advanced options in PeerMark, instructors can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed.

Turnitin LTI PeerMark differs from the original as it is not a separate submission point to the Assignment being reviewed. In LTI PeerMark is enable on the Assignment being reviewed.


Starting out

PeerMark can be enabled on any Turnitin Assignment either while setting up the assignment or at a later point.

1.    Go to the Assessment area of your Blackboard course, then from the menu choose  Build Content, Turnitin LTI Assignment.

2.    Set up your Assignment as desired with the Enable PeerMark box checked.

Turnitin LTI assignment settings with Enable PeerMark box checked and circled.

Once you have submitted and the PeerMark has been enabled the Peermark options will appear in the top menu.

PeerMark menu in the Assignment inbox appears once PeerMark in enbaled. The menu is circled with the options PeerMark Setup and PeerMark Reviews

Turnitin guide of PeerMark – https://help.turnitin.com/feedback-studio/blackboard/lti/instructor/peermark/creating-a-peermark-assignment.htm


PeerMark Settings

3.   The PeerMark Assignment settings page opens.  Put the information for the Peer Review element of the assignment here.

PeerMark assignment settings page with additional settings link circled.

Compete the details:


Add the instructions to students on how to complete their review.

Example Instructions for PeerMark Review. Details date reviews can start and will close. Also include how many reviews must be completed.

Maximum points

This is the points for the peer review.


You will need to set new dates for when the peer review element will happen, by default the Students can review from date will be the same as the Feedback Release date in the Assignment.

  • Students can review from
  • Students can review until
  • Peer feedback available from

4.    Click on the Additional Settings to set up the PeerMark details. See Turnitin: Peermark for guidance on these settings


  • Award maximum points on review Y/N
    • If Yes the student is awarded the mark given in “maximum point” for completing the review
    • If No the marker will have the opportunity to mark the student’s review and give a score out of 10.
  • Students can view the names of their peers during review Y/N
  • Students without a submission can review Y/N

Peer Mark Additional Settings options listed.

5.    Choose the number of papers each student will receive to review, and whether you wish students to review their own paper as well.

  • Automatically distribute papers for review – give a number
  • Students can self-select papers for review – give a number
  • students must review their own paper – Y/N


PeerMark can automatically assign papers to the students in your class according to the number of papers set.

Alternatively you can force pair your students’ papers via the Distribution tab.

Distribution tab- revealling a list of students on the course with a plus and minus icon on the right-hand side of the list. These are used to pair students to each other rather than an automatic distribution.

To force a set of student to pair click on the plus icon of the first student and select the student to pair them with from the list in the pop-up window.

Add Pair pop-up window. The student to be paired is named at the top and all the other students are list. select a student and submit.

Select a student from the list and Confirm.  Now the first student will review the work of the second.

Questions or Annotations

To add a review you can ask students to annotate the submitted essay and add comments to it, answer questions set out for them or both.

Just Annotations

It is important to be very clear with your instructions.  If you have not added any questions the review will open with an empty panel without instructions.

Review window with no questions. The Instructions panel is blank. A comment has been added by clicking on the text in the submitted paper.

The students will need to click on the text in the submitted paper to add a comment.

The comments will then be added to the comment tab to the right-hand side of the review window.

Review window showing a comment created in the text and showing in the Comments tab in the panel on the right-hand side of the review window.


6.  Select the PeerMark Questions tab to add questions for students to answer in the review.  These can be taken from the library, or you can create your own (and added to, the library if you wish).

PeerMark Questions screen with the options: Add from library, Save to library, delete library and add question, reorder questions

The questions are added to the PeerMark by either Add from Library or Add question.

Add from Library

The Library can be the sample library or one you build up over time.

Add questions for peer review from library. The questions in the library are listed, selected as required and submit.

Add question

Adding a question means to create your own questions, which you can then add to a library.

Add a question window. The question is typed in the text box, Settings are A.) question type Free Response or Scale B.) Minimum answer length. Save

Question Types

a.    either ask students to write a free response answer (with the ability to set a minimum answer length)

b.    or you can enable a scaled answer, (with some ability to customise the scaling).

PeerMark Question examples one is a Scale Question "Rate this paper's overall readability" and one is a Free Response question "At which point did you feel most interested by this piece? When Least? Explain.

8.  Once you have the settings you require, press Submit and return to your course.


Student View

The students will see their submission point as usual.  They will also see the PeerMark tab in their Assignment Dashboard, but it will only be “open” for reviews after the PeerMark date stipulated in the set-up.

PeerMark tab in Student Assignment submission point.

Student View of PeerMark page showing the reviews to be completed.

Student view of review window with questions - not that the minimum word count is stated under the question.

Reviewing work

1.    Go to Assessment, locate the Assignment with PeerMark enabled, and click on the submission point to open the Assignment Inbox.

2.    In the Assignment Inbox click on the PeerMark tab and select PeerMark Reviews from the menu.

PeerMark Review page with some completed views.

3.    The students progress data displays on this page.

Submitted column

Shows the number of reviews they have submitted N against the number of reviews they are required to review R as a fraction N/R.

  • To view the submitted reviews click on this fraction i.e. 1/1.
  • Once the deadline for reviews has passed you will be able to give a mark for the reviews.


Shows the number of reviews that student has received.

Marking a Review

Reviews to be marked. The submitted 1/1 is labelled A and the Review button is labelled B.

There are two activities you can do from this page:

A. Click on the 1/1 submitted tally to open the reviews given on the submitted paper.

B. Click on the blue review button with a pencil icon to give a review of the submitted paper.

A: Open Reviews

When you click on the submitted reviews tally a page will open with all the submitted reviews of that students work.

Click on any of the columns to open the Review.

Submitted Reviews page opens when you click on the submitted reviews tally. All the reviews for that specific paper will be listed. click on the review to view it and give a mark.

The PeerMark window will open showing the review given by the student.

If you have set “Award maximum points on review” to No you can give a mark for the review. At the top of the review panel is a Grade text box where at mark can be entered.

PeerMark window with review given by a student showing, at the top a Grade text box is open to enter a mark.

Submit to save the mark.

B: Review

When you click on the blue review button with a pencil icon from the review page the PeerMark window will open.

This is a blank review for you to fill in and review the work of the student who has submitted the paper.

Reviews progress

The reviews page will keep a record of the progress you are marking.

  • The marks given will show in the Grades column.
  • The review buttons will turn green if a review has been completed.

The Reviews page showing marks given. Where are review has been given the blue button is now green.


The Grades

The grades you give will show here in the Reviews page.  They do not appear in the Grades Centre.


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